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 Published On December 11, 2013

You’ll find this post in your _posts directory - edit this post and re-build (or run with the -w switch) to see your changes! To add new posts, simply add a file in the _posts directory that follows the convention: YYYY-MM-DD-name-of-post.ext.

Jekyll also offers powerful support for code snippets:

1 def print_hi(name)
2   puts "Hi, #{name}"
3 end
4 print_hi('Tom')
5 #=> prints 'Hi, Tom' to STDOUT.

Another test:

 1 // Read the file as one string.
 2 System.IO.StreamReader myFile = new System.IO.StreamReader("c:\\test.txt");
 3 string myString = myFile.ReadToEnd();
 5 myFile.Close();
 7 // Display the file contents.
 8 Console.WriteLine(myString);
 9 // Suspend the screen.
10 Console.ReadLine();

Check out the Jekyll docs for more info on how to get the most out of Jekyll. File all bugs/feature requests at Jekyll’s GitHub repo.

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